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Every business needs pragmatic and sound commercial guidance to boost shareholder value and improve business performance.

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Addressing the nitty gritty of every sector of your business can be a little challenging without proper guidance. Every department needs a specialized kind of attention to succeed. Topeka's very own Tesames can help you figure everything out.


Digital Asset

Videos, graphics, audio, and text are some of the digital assets majority of organizations own. It can be difficult for an organization to keep up with the digital assets it has. Make use of Tesames' digital asset management system to centralize all your data in an accessible cloud platform.


Having a business is one thing, getting the right clientele is another. Having the right product does not mean instant sales if people are not aware of the product. Tesames specializes in advertising and market research, using modern and vetted methods to ensure every business is connected to the right audience.

Online Course

Traditional physical classes are slowly becoming outdated as people adopt less structured methods of learning. Luckily, online video courses, email courses, interactive online courses, webinars, and boot camps are digital, and more work-friendly options we offer.

Outsource I.T.

Handling all your I.T. needs while giving undivided attention to all other business processes can sometimes be far-fetched. There is a likelihood that a lot of services will be ignored. Luckily, Tesames is professionally capable of partnering with, and running all your I.T. needs while you deal with the rest.

Passive Income

Passive Income

Would you like to earn money while you sleep? One of the most attractive ways of making money is through passive income. Trust our advisory service or our professionals to help you set yourself up for your 2nd stream of income.


The platform service offered by Tesames is an important business asset that helps projects remain on track and under the set budget. It is important for planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and change management. Consult us today for all your project needs.

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